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​Everyone working offshore needs to pass the Basic Safety Course.Falck Nutec runs courses on a regular basis at all our locations.



• Introduction

• HSE culture and behaviour

• First aid

• Collective evacuation

• Fire protection

• Sea rescue

• Helicopter evacuation


​Working at sea requires a strong focus on maintaining personal safety, as well as that of others. 

Our maritime courses include:

- Basic Safety Training for Seafarers

- Basic Safety Training for Fishermen

- Crew and Crisis Management

- Additional Training from Norog to STCW Basic Training for Seafarers.



​All personnel flying onto the British Sector in the North Sea needs to meet the OPITO requirements regarding the use of the Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System. 


On our half day courses, delegates gain the required knowledge on using the CA-EBS system.


​Focusing on health, safety and environment (HSE) is key to creating a healthy and productive work environment. 

Our courses focuses on every aspect of HSE, and help the delegates develop a better understanding of the importance of this approach. 


Should a crisis arise, good management is key to the outcome of the situation. 

At Falck Nutec, we believe that training is the only way to be fully prepared should a crisis occur. In our simulator, delegates are able to practice different scenarioes, and prepare for action should they find themselves in a real-life situation. 


Popular courses

Course From To Price Locations
Basic Safety Training (English) Open course
Basic Safety Training - Refresher Course (English) Open course
Basic Safety Training - Basic Course (Norwegian) Open course
Basic Safety Training - Refresher Course (Norwegian) Open course
Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System (CA-EBS) Initial Deployment Open course
First Aid - Refresher Open course
Search and rescue - Refresher Open course
STCW Retraining for seafarers 16 hrs Open course
Medical Care 8h Open course
Crowd- and Crisis management Open course
STCW Basic Safety Training for Seafarers 50h Open course
Certificate duplicate (less than 10 years) Open course




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