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      Basic Safety

      • Introduction
      • HSE culture and behaviour
      • First aid
      • Collective evacuation
      • Fire protection
      • Sea rescue
      • Helicopter evacuation
      First Aid


      Will teach the participants how to carry out life-saving first aid, and how to cooperate with and assist professional medical personnel during a first-aid action.


      Order a basic or refresher course here.

      Crisis Management
      Proactive leadership in an emergency situation.

      After completing the course, the participants should be able to take part in their own organisation's emergency management, and be familiar with emergency preparedness in the petroleum industry.
      STCW Retraining for Officers 24 t
      Will update your understanding of and abilities in taking care of your own and others safety in an emergency situation and commitment to safe behaviour.
      Focus areas:
      • Fire
      • Medical first aid
      • Rescue at sea
      Crowd- and Crisis management

      Will provide you with basic knowledge and competence in the principles of leadership and organisation of crowds of personell in an emergency situation.


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